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The mother of all adventures

If you've ever found yourself driving behind a Land Rover, you've likely seen the bumper sticker that reads "One Life. Live it". That message on that sticker seems to be the mantra of Land Rover die-hards, but should it not simply be a mantra for how to approach life, period?

It certainly should be, yes. But it so blatantly isn't.

Instead of a lifelong and epic adventure into our best self, too many of us settle for an existence as an interpretation of the person we truly are, and that is like running a marathon in a pair of sneakers that are a size and a half too small: you can do it, but it damn well hurts.

As an interpretation of the real you, you try hard to live up to expectations, to fit in, to be the person you have come to believe you should be. The person you've been told you should be. But, somehow, you always seem to come up short of the mark.

The success and the plaudits soothe, but they don't satisfy. Laughter fades all too fast, while tears linger all too long.

All the potential that you once had to offer has slipped into the shadows, and the dreams you once held onto so tightly have long since been locked away, out of sight, out of reach.

That shiny exterior you protect so valiantly to present to a world that expects so much of you masks a faded interior.

Yet, somehow, you just know that this - whatever this is - is not all there is. Surely, this is not the full story. Surely something's missing. Something doesn't feel quite right. Something just does not fit like it should.

All around you, you hear talk about how amazing life is when it simply ‘flows' and leads you into ‘the zone' where everything aligns. But, for you, that's all ‘flow' and ‘the zone' are: hearsay and talk. For you, every day is like running that marathon in those sneakers that are a size too small. Where is the flow? Where is that zone you hear so much about?

Well, my friend, you know that the flow and the zone you hear so much about are there. Deep down, you know they are waiting for you; their voice gently beckoning the real you to take centre stage and embrace that epic adventure. You've simply forgotten what those voices sound like. You've forgotten how to pick them out of all the noise of your existence.

But, you must learn to pick out those voices once more. Because, the epic adventure into which they beckon you is quite literally a choice between living and existing. And you know that you were not designed to merely exist: you were designed to live a glorious life.

As that epic adventure unfolds, so your best self reveals itself. So your potential steps out of the shadows. So those dreams you locked away make their presence felt once more. So the real you steps forward and takes centre stage.

And, as the real you takes centre stage, so you step into a life that fits. A life that lines up with who you really are - with your values, your strengths, your passions, and your purpose. A life that flows, and draws you deeper and deeper into the zone - that same zone that once was merely talk and hearsay.

And as your life aligns to your values, your strengths and your passions, a world that once expected so much from you - more than you could ever give - finds that it can no longer contain you. You become a river that bursts its banks and, as you are set free from everything that held you from being the person you are meant to be, so you set the world around you free to be all that it should be.

This is not about becoming a new person, a new version of you. This is about casting aside the lies and false messages that shaped the distortions that consumed you, and convinced you that you were someone you were never meant to be.

This is about allowing the person you have always been to shine through.

This is not about becoming someone else. This is about becoming you.

And you have what it takes to become the person you truly are. It is within you to set yourself free and redicsover who you were before the world and its expectations took hold of you - the values that flow from your soul, the passions that burst out of your heart, the strengths that give you your unique power to change the world - and commit to the lifelong, epic adventure to become that person.

As Marianne Williamson wrote in her beautiful poem, ‘Our Deepest Fear', you are powerful beyond measure. And to help you unleash that power and embrace your adventure, I want to take the next few weeks to unpack exactly how you can embark upon that epic adventure into becoming your best self.

In the meantime, I invite you to join me in the Live a Big Life Academy. This is not an attempt to sell you anything - the Academy is genuinely 100% free - no strings attached. It's simply an offer to provide you with the tools and resources that will equip and empower you to step into the person you are meant to be. You can find out more here:

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