Tools and Resources to Equip & Empower You for Your Adventure

The road to the life you were made for has many twists, turns, ups and downs. It can be tough to navigate and it isn’t always clear which way is the right way. But, done right the journey along that road reveals all of the awe and wonder that lie within a life lived fully – a BIG life – the big life that you were made for. 

To help you to take that journey the right way, we have pulled together a range of tools and resources that will unlock the real you, give you the skills and knowledge to move forward, and the confidence and grit to see it through.

Pick individual tools to help you break through the blockages in front of you today, or dive right into a membership, and have unlimited access to every digital tool and resource we have available, including exclusive member-only audio and video content. Check out our current catalogue, below.

And, remember, you can jump into any of these resources, safe in the knowledge you have our 100% no-quibble money-back guarantee if you aren’t completely satisfied.


Membership of Live a Big Life offers amazing value. both in terms of bang for your buck and what the resources you gain access to will do for you, and your adventure.

Available in Basic, Pro and Premium levels, there is a package to suit everyone.

You’ll find an overview of each package below, and just click the ‘Find Out More’ button to get a full breakdown of what you get.

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Essentials Membership

Enjoy every Live a Big Life digital resource when you need it, as many times as you need it. Our basic membership gives you access to all our existing, and future, digital tools and resources in one simple plan. And you can choose to spread your investment with the monthly plan, or sign up for a year and get two months absolutely FREE.

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Professional Membership

Enjoy everything that Basic Membership gives you, but take it up a notch or three. Not only will you get unlimited access to every digital resource we offer, Professional Members also benefit from a weekly group coaching call, a weekly webinar tailored to address the issues you are facing, and two free tickets to the annual Big Life Experience.

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Premium Membership

Push your adventure beyond what feels possible. Capped at 50 members to ensure a fully tailored experience, Premium Membership not only gives access to all Essentials and Professional package features, but also a weekly email series dedicated to topics you care about, monthly 1-to-1 coaching sessions, exclusive get togethers and much more.

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There are times when everything is running smoothly. Progress is good, and your adventure is on-track. But then there are times when you hit that seemingly immovable object, or feel exposed, or know that you need that little bit extra to get things moving in the way you want them to. And that’s where our on-line courses come in. 

Whether you want to overcome a specific obstacle, build on your skillset, or simply challenge your thinking and open your eyes to new possibilities, our courses give you what you need, when you need it.

There’s an overview of each package below, and just click the ‘Find Out More’ button to get a full breakdown of what you can expect.

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Know Yourself

Fun, interactive and challenging, 'Know Yourself' is is a course that puts to you the questions you never dared ask. Using proven methods, it prods you to push the boundaries of what is possible, identify the barriers between you and the future you want, and grab hold of the real you that's been bursting to get out since the day you were born.

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Behave Yourself!

Hiding from the truth, denying responsibility, and avoiding accountability for the part you play in the situations you find yourself in is a sure-fire way to derail your adventure into the life you were made for. 'Behave yourself' how your behaviour affects others (and you), and how their behaviour affects you; and shows you how to manage your behaviour to achieve success.

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Relationship Matters

Successfully navigating the relationships in your life - family, friends, colleagues, acquaintances and more - is often easier said than done. 'Relationship Matters' helps you to identify, analyse and manage the relationships you have, so that you can focus on the healthy and root out the unhealthy ones and keep your adventure into the life you were made for on-track.

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Trading in the Past

Stuff happens. Some of it's good, some of it's not-so-good. But, good or bad, the circumstances and events that you encounter every day leave their mark on you. Trading in the Past gets to the bottom of the effects of your past on your present circumstances, so you can take control, reset your thinking and make sure that your current reality does not dictate your future.

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Mastering Your Inner Soundtrack

The soundtrack in your head can be helpful or anything but helpful, under control or totally out of control, build you up or drag you down. But, to reach the success you want, you have to tame that soundtrack. 'Mastering Your Inner Soundtrack' will help you do just that, so the playlist that propels through your day is one that you want to listen to.

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Imagining the Future

Get stuck into 'Imagining the Future' to get a firm grasp of where you are today, and a clear idea of what you want from the future. Explore where you are right now, and where you want to be, in your relationships, where you live, how you spend your time, your money and your energy and get real clarity about what the future looks like for you.

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Build Your Future

You won't live your real life unless you take action. 'Build Your Future' is tried, tested and proven, and will help you get to grips with setting good goals, taking action to achieve those goals, and then building on the success you achieve to keep moving closer to the ultimate prize - the goal you are pursuing above all others - to live the life that you were made for

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Live Like You Mean It

You have a choice: exist or live; drift or drive, spectate or participate, be passive or active, live aimlessly or with purpose; and 'Live Like You Mean It' will help you make that choice. Discover your purpose, and how to step into it. Learn how to develop a purposeful lifestyle, make the most of every moment, seize every opportunity, and become the driving force in your own adventure.

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Solve it!

You run into problems every day. How you respond to those problems decides whether things turn out well, or not. Solve-It helps you to explore your responses to the problems that you face, and the effect those responses have on how things turn out. You'll look at different problem solving techniques, and take practical steps to put the techniques that work for you into practice.

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Designed to tackle specific topics in an easy-to-read, practical, bite-size format, our eBooks provide a ‘manual’ to help you power your adventure. Whether it’s to compliment and further embed your learning from one of our courses, or to get a quick-fire solution to an issue you are facing, or to give you that nudge you need to get you over that hump you’ve hit, our eBooks are an invaluable companion for your adventure.

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Who Are You?

When you don't know who you really are you end up on a path you were never meant to walk. 'Who Are You?' helps you take a step back and reassess your path by focusing on five key areas to strip away the distortions in how you see yourself, and build a complete picture of the person you are meant to be, so you can start to live the life that you were made for, rather than an interpretation of it.

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Dare to Dream

You have a dream of a better world. So, let 'Dare to Dream' give you the tools, understanding and courage that you need to take that dream and make it that living, breathing reality you long for. Discover the difference between vision and mission, learn how to define and pursue yours, and how to stay the course so that you reach the finish line.

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Sometimes, no matter how much you benefit from the courses you take, or the eBooks you read, you need to go deeper – to have more focused, tailored input that meets you right where you are and works with you to get to the next stage of your adventure. Built from over 25 years’ experience of working with men and women of all ages and all backgrounds, our coaching packages are designed to meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

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