Most coaches deliver their coaching through a particular approach. There are a great many different approaches out there, so coaching can 'look' different according to the approach your coach adopts. And it's important that the coach you work with offers an approach that fits you. Remember: coaching is not one-size-fits-all - it's personal.

Some coaches will follow a particular approach in a pretty much 'out of the box' way, while others will put their own stamp on the approach - taking the principles and applying them in a way that fits with their ethos and values. And that's the way we deliver coaching - following a trusted approach, but putting our own stamp on it (you can find out more about that stamp - or 'secret sauce', as we like to call it - right here.

Big Life Coaching delivers what is termed 'Solutions-Focused' coaching.

'What's that?', I hear you wondering. Well, according to 'The Complete Handbook of Coaching,' a solution-focused coaching approach 'places primary emphasis on assisting the client [that's you] to define a desired future state, and to construct a pathway in both thinking and action that assists the client [you] in achieving that state'.

Solutions-Focused coaching primarily uses the strengths, values and positive attributes already present in you to achieve the results and outcomes you are looking for. At its core is the focus on helping you find solutions rather than problems, build on your strengths rather than your weaknesses, and find positive ways forward rather than examine barriers.

In short, it asks you to think about what you want to achieve, and it then helps you to plan how you'll get there. By directing your energy in a positive way, focusing on strengths and working towards a solution, you will become motivated and energised, rather than de-motivated and demoralised, which inevitably facilitates and encourages goal-focused action and the achievement of the coaching results and outcomes you are seeking.

OK, so that's our approach, but what does that look like in practice? How does it actually work?

Well, if you have coaching with us, we'll use a solutions-focused approach, and that follows four simple, but powerful, steps:

Step 1: Identify a Goal or Solution

A goal within solutions-focused coaching does not identify the root cause of an identified issue, but, rather, focuses on how a problematic situation can be improved, or an issue can be resolved.

Goals may be short-term, or long-term, but they will always be both stretching and attainable, as well as measurable. You decide your goals - we will never suggest or impose goals. They are your goals - you own them.

Step 2: Create an Action Plan

After identifying your goal, your coach will help you to develop an action plan. Your action plan pulls together the actions necessary to work towards, and deliver, the goal outcome you want.

How do you arrive at the necessary actions for that desired goal outcome? Well, working with your coach, you will start by assessing the reality of your current circumstances and situation. That current reality provides a starting point from which you must proceed, and it also helps you to quantify the gap between 'what is' and 'what is desired' (or, in other words, between where you are right now, and where you want to be).

Once your reality has been accurately established, your coach will help you to assess the options available for actually bringing about the change required to achieve the goal or solution you are working towards.

Step 3: Take Action and Monitor Progress

In this step, you take the suggestions generated in step 2, and act on them. You and your coach agree how your progress will be monitored - the metrics and measures that you will use to track the success or failure for each action.

This step relies heavily on your willingness and desire to work towards achieving the desired goal or solution. During this step, your coach will help you to develop tactics and habits that will help you to build and maintain momentum, motivation and focus, and thus to follow through on the action plan.

Step 4: Change What Isn't Working

In this step, if the actions you identified and built into your Action Plan aren't working effectively, working closely with your coach, you'll analyse what's working and what isn't, and adjust the Action Plan accordingly, so that you can move forward.

Your coaching journey will work through these steps, with each session helping you move closer and closer to your desired outcomes.

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