Made with you in mind

The Live a Big Life Academy has been built for you. It has a simple, effective, tried, tested and proven methodology as its foundation – a methodology that has delivered results time, after time, after time. And we have the data to prove it.

With you as our motivation, we’ve put in the hard yards: years spent developing, refining, reworking, redesigning, tweaking and trialling every tool, resource, course and package you will find in the Academy. So you only get our best work. Work that works, when you want it, how you want it.

Choose a single course to help you with a specific aspect of your own development, or a whole suite of programmes to help you get to grips with the key fundamentals of what makes you, you.

Access stand-alone tools and resources to get you over that hump, or out of that hole, when you want them.

Become part of an active community of adventurers hell-bent on discovering, and living, their one real life, or go it alone.

However you go about it, if you want to live your real life, right here, right now, the Live a Big Life Academy is the place for you.

Look, you were born to change the world. It’s time to unleash that potential.

And we will help you do it.

Explore our Courses


The courses you find here in the Live a Big Life Academy have a track record. Every single one of them has been thoroughly put through its paces by real people, just like you.

We don’t spoon-feed you. We don’t give you a bunch of ’10 step recipes for success’. And we don’t make claims that we can’t back up. Which is why all we claim is that every Live a Big Life course will deliver. But exactly what it delivers is up to you.

Each course is designed so that you can tackle it on your own, or in a group. Make use of the student room in the Academy to discuss progress, buddy-up with friends and work through lessons together.

Discover our Coaching


Developed over more than 15 years, our techniques are tried, tested, trusted and proven to deliver lasting outcomes that help you to become who you are supposed to be, and enjoy the life you are supposed to live: your real life.

Whether you want to focus on yourself, or share your coaching journey with others, the Live a Big Life Academy has got you covered.

Whatever you choose - one-to-one or group coaching - we make sure that you get what you need, when you need it, how you need it.  Prefer longer sessions?  Not a problem.  Like them short and sweet?  You got it.  Love homework?  We’ve got your back.  Hate it?  We can work with that, too.

Unlock our Resources


Live a Big Life Academy’s eBook collection is guaranteed to provide practical, relevant and applicable insight, knowledge and tools to help you move your adventure into your real life forward.

Whether it’s a spoken version of an eBook, a recording of an interview, group call or a podcast, the Live a Big Life Academy is packed with audio resources that will not only entertain you but, more importantly, power your progress as you move through the adventure into your real life.

Add our video tools and our expert webinars that provide insight and guidance to help you overcome barriers to success and ensure that you keep building the life you were made for, and you can be guaranteed to find a tool to help you right when you need it most.


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